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Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad (NWIB)

There are seven joint Dutch institutes established abroad. In St. Petersburg, Athens, Cairo, Florence, Rome, Ankara and Rabat. The Dutch institutes abroad offer courses and internships to students, and facilities for scientific staff and students who are temporarily conducting research abroad. The UvA manages the institutes in Athens and St. Petersburg.

The Netherlands Institute in St.Petersburg (NIP)

The NIP represents the universities in various disciplines. This not only concerns Slavonic studies, Russian studies, Dutch studies and (Art) History, but also other disciplines (such as social sciences). The NIP:

  • provides academic courses as an integral part of the study programmes of the participating Dutch universities;
  • offers scholarships and internships and supervises theses, individual study programmes and study trips;
  • organises scientific meetings and facilitates research.

The NIP has a scientific library, workshops, a guest room, an extensive network of academic contacts and provides access to Russian archives and museums for research.

The Institute contributes to the dissemination of Dutch culture and the advancement of the Dutch-Russian academic collaboration, in close cooperation with the participating institutes in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Institute in Athens (NIA)

The Netherlands Institute in Athens (NIA) is one of the fifteen foreign university institutes in Athens. The NIA functions as a scientific and cultural centre that coordinates contact between Dutch and Greek scientific and cultural institutes. The Institute offers Dutch scientists and students the opportunity to conduct research in Greece and to present their research by means of lectures, seminars and colloquiums. The NIA contributes to a better dissemination of knowledge about Dutch scientific research and the study opportunities offered by the Dutch partner universities. In addition, they organise courses for students and provide guest rooms for students and researchers.

The Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC)

The Netherlands-Flemish institute in Cairo (NVIC) is an academic centre which provides services to scientists and students of the participating universities. The teaching and research activities are primarily related to Arabic studies, Egyptology, Archaeology and Papyrology, but the NVIC also represents the other disciplines of the universities. The Institute provides academic courses, for example in the archaeology of Egypt and Arabic studies, as an integral component of the study programmes of the Dutch and Flemish universities. Moreover, the NVIC supervises theses, papers and other individual study programmes of students during their stay in Egypt.

The Dutch University Institute for Art History in Florence (NIKI)

The Dutch University Institute for Art History in Florence (NIKI) provides an extensive teaching and research programme in the field of art history and regarding the relationship between Italian and Dutch and Flemish art in particular. Researchers and students can make use of the research and publication facilities, the accommodation and the library. The Institute has scholarships available for students and researchers annually. 

The Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR)

The Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR) is an interuniversity institute for scientific teaching and research in the fields of history, art history and archaeology. The members of the scientific staff mediate for Dutch colleagues, conduct their own research, supervise students and doctoral candidates, and provide courses for Dutch students and graduates. The KNIR also makes scholarships available to students and young researchers of Dutch universities for stays in Rome.

The Netherlands Institute for Higher Education Ankara (NIHA)

The Netherlands Institute for Higher Education Ankara’s (NIHA) most important activities are to actively support the collaboration between the Netherlands and Turkey in the field of higher education; support and facilitate the direct collaboration between higher education institutions in both countries, including the introduction and exchange of lecturers and students; obtain internships; promote scientific research; and, according to the need of institutions, to attract talented Turkish students for Dutch higher education.

The Netherlands Institute in Turkey (NIT)

The Netherlands Institute in Turkey (NIT) is a research institute focused on historical and archaeological research. The Institute provides research facilities and stimulates collaboration between Turkish and Dutch authorities in the fields of scientific research and higher education. In addition to a library, the Institute also offers accommodation to guest researchers and students.

The Dutch Institute in Morocco (NIMAR)

The Dutch Institute in Morocco (NIMAR) aims to promote collaboration and exchange in higher education, and scientific research between the Netherlands and Morocco. The most important goals of the NIMAR include offering study programmes, (e.g. for students of Arabic studies and social sciences), mediating internships, setting up research programmes, supporting researchers from the Netherlands and Morocco, and promoting Dutch higher education.