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Executive Board

Executive Board

The Executive Board is charged with the general management of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The Executive Board is responsible for the efficient management of the UvA.

Jan Lintsen, Karen Maex, Geert ten Dam
Jan Lintsen, Karen Maex, Geert ten Dam

Executive Board

The members of the Executive Board are appointed, suspended and dismissed by the Supervisory Board of the UvA. The Executive Board consists of three members.

Prof. G.T.M. (Geert) ten Dam

President of the Executive Board UvA

Prof. K.I.J. (Karen) Maex

Rector Magnificus of the UvA

Drs. J.W. (Jan) Lintsen MBA

Finance and Operational Management UvA

Student assessor

The student assessor takes part in deliberations on centrally executed policy at the UvA, with a focus on teaching and student-related matters. The student assessor attends meetings of the Executive Board and advises the Executive Board, and contributes points for discussion to the administrative agenda. The student assessor liaises closely with students inside and outside of the representative advisory bodies, acting as a link between management and the student community.